Everything you need to know about Curio and the people behind it as well as most frequently asked questions

Our idea

Curio is not just a piece of plastic or silicone. It is also not just a ring. It is an ever expanding selection of interchangeable parts of different styles, colors and shapes, all combined by you in sheer endless possibilities.

Curio consists of two elements, a base and a top. The base is a size-7 ring that forms a flat platform and a rim on top where you clip your desired tops in. The tops are made of silicone and each of them feels different. Some are soft and sensual, others feel firm and some are both at the same time. Fun to play with, great to share and to exchange with friends our rings are curious little things.

Curio is meant to fit your every style and change with your daily inspirations and a growing range of designs will give you more and more possibilities and combinations.

Our story

The idea of Curio was thought up in 2009 by Florian Pucher. Trained architect but product designer by choice, he drew up a series of fun looking rings that are colorful, trendy, each of them different and easily developable in a wide range of colors, shapes and ideas. It wasn’t so easy to make this seemingly simple idea happen quickly though. With the challenges of mass production and tooling it took time, persistence and support from his partner Sophia Liu Bo, a trained graphic designer, as well as a few experienced factories to figure out the best material mix, surface finishes, colors and the proper balance between switching tops easily enough while not losing them accidentally.

We are finally launching the first batch of rings offering six top designs available in six different colors each and a size-7 ring base in five different colors. The currently 180 possible combinations will grow exponentially when we start adding more colors and top designs to guarantee greatest individuality, choice and fun of putting your designs together. We are also developing a range of other materials to make the sensual and visual experience even greater.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is Curio? What does it do?

Curio is a ring that is made of two parts. There are bases and there are tops that you can clip into the base by hand. You can easily change the style of your ring and combine it any way you like.

How do I switch tops?

The tops are soft and you just pull or push the out of the ring base and the next top can be squeezed in. We made them a tight fit so that you don’t lose them easily.

How many different combinations are possible?

With (6 top designs) x (6 top colors) x (5 base colors) there are currently 180 individual combinations available to choose from with many more to come.

How did you come up with the idea of an interchangeable ring?

Customization has been a trend for some years now and I felt it was time someone designed a ring that could change style and look easily and fast to react to your mood and style.

Who came up with the idea and designed Curio?

Florian Pucher an Austrian designer with background in architecture and product design and his partner Sophia Liu a Chinese graphic designer are the two people who invented and developed Curio.

How did you come up with the name Curio? What does it mean?

There is different meaning of Curio is “any unusual article, object of art, etc., valued as a curiosity” or “a small article valued as a collector's item, esp. something fascinating or unusual”. We were discussing various names that could convey a feeling of sensuality, the unexpected and something different than usual and settled for Curio-styles. As each ring top looks and feels different we thought it would be the perfect name for our product expressing our key messages simultaneously.

What finger size is the base of the rings?

For the market introduction and first run of our product all ring bases are finger size 7 which is international standard. Later we will introduce bigger and smaller sizes.

Where is Curio produced and how is it made?

Our product was developed and produced where we both live, which is the capital of China, Beijing which is developing into an international hotspot for trends and design.

How will you extend Curio in the future?

The expansion of the product series will happen three fold. First and most easily by expanding the color options for ring tops and bases. Secondly by designing and producing more top designs and thirdly by introducing a variety of different materials for bases and tops to give you ever increasing possibilities for individual combinations and styles.

Who is Curio made for? Is it suitable for kids?

Curio is not a toy. The nature of the product being a fashion accessory we feel that it is most suitable for teens and tweens. Given the size of the tops it is to be kept away from kids of five years or younger, especially toddlers.

What is Curio made of?

We use industrial grade ABS and Silicone. Our factories have ISO9001 certificates and all parts are non-toxic and made to international standards.

How can I purchase Curio as a retailer?

Please go to XXX section for information on our standard packages and deals.

Are you looking for distributors or franchise?

We are certainly looking for people who want to carry Curio to the next level with us and welcome any opportunities to do so. Please contact us directly by email.

Curio origins

curio (ˈkjʊərɪˌəʊ)

n , pl -rios
a small article valued as a collector's item, esp. something fascinating or unusual

[ shortened from curiosity ]
ˈkyʊəriˌoʊShow Spelled [kyoo r-ee-oh] Show IPA

noun, plural cu·ri·os.
any unusual article, object of art, etc., valued as a curiosity.


1850–55; shortened from curiosity